No Further Extension of Filing Deadline for M Code Cases 2021/22

Dear Members and Affiliates


Request for Further Extension of Filing Deadline for M Code Cases 2021/22


In view of the present Covid situation, the Taxation Committee had, on 24 November 2022, requested for a further extension of the Filing Deadline for M Code Cases 2021/22.


The Commissioner of Inland Revenue Department, Mr. TP Tam, replied yesterday that they have carefully considered the matter but regretted to advise that the request cannot be acceded to as any further extension of time for filing the returns would pose major problems for their work on tax assessment and revenue collection for this financial year.


A copy of the reply letter from the IRD is enclosed for your reference.


Please be reminded that the deadline will remain to be 30 November 2022.


Upon our request for lenient penalties, the Commissioner informed that they would take into account all relevant factors, including the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, when considering penalty actions. We thank the Commissioner for his understanding.


SCAA has the interest of our members in mind and will continue to forward the concerns of our members to relevant authorities.






Parco Wu                     Elizabeth Law

President                     Chairman, Taxation Committee

Extension of M Code Deadline_reply to SCAA_2022-11-28.pdf